Now & Then

The Sparrow Now & Then is a collection of some of the best kneeboarders in the world.

Now & Then brings together what's happening Now, and visits the past Then with explosive results.

Featuring: Simon, Kyle, Steen, Nov, Parksey, Baden, Gigs, The Simpson Brothers, Dean, Albert, Peter Crawford and more.

Music from the beautiful girls, FØRH, Lowride, The Next, 4 Tune and Square Roots & the Pleasure Point Horns.

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55 minutes




Inside & Out, A Mentawai Adventure

Cruising the remote waters of the Mentawai Islands with Gigs, Gavin, Barry, Simon, Bill, Steen, Robert & George.

Captured from every angle possible from still shots to underwater cinema photography to deep visions from within the tube using helmet cam & an all new never before seen angle riding a kneeboard.

With an amazing soundtrack and additional bonus footage of "The Simpson Brothers" taking modern day kneeboarding to the next level, plus, a whole lot more...

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80+ minutes



NSG 05 - North Shore Gathering

During the month of February 2005, kneeboarders from around the globe gathered on the North Shore of Oahu to experience one of the most challenging surf destinations in the world.

"NSG 05" gives an insight into kneeboarding, the surfers who ride them, their boards and styles.

Music by Ken Emerson, the beautiful girls, Lowride, Contra and with live performances Rob Rennie & Lenny Vial.

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65 minutes








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